The iGEM 2017 DNA Distribution Kit
The iGEM 2017 DNA Distribution is shipping out to registered teams! This year's distribution contains over 2000 high-quality samples of parts from the iGEM Registry.

We've added some new material this year. Be sure to read through the 2017 Distribution Handbook before using your kit! When you get your kit, let us know by tweeting at us! #WelcomeToiGEM

Featured Part

Uppsala Chromoprotein Collection

Group: Team Uppsala

The 2011 Uppsala iGEM team centered their iGEM project around a library of reporter proteins with a focus on chromoproteins. The 2012 and 2013 teams, while having very different projects, continued the previous years' work alongside their projects.

This has resulted in a large collection of chromoproteins, with sequence confirmed samples, that can also be found in the yearly distribution kits.