Repository:iGEM 2007 DNA distribution

From Mid-April to Early May, the staff at the Registry prepared the Kit of Parts that will be sent to the 2007 iGEM teams.

First shipment.JPG

Here is some useful information about the DNA Parts Kit.

Storage & Usage

You can store the four 384-well plates from the DNA Parts Kit at -20 degrees for an indefinite amount of time. This collection of plates is is your toolbox for your work with BioBrick™ parts. It contains ALL of the parts that we have available at the Registry (as of Spring 2007) in the form of dry DNA. You need transform the DNA into cells and make your own glycerol stocks of any part that you wish to use. It does not contain enough DNA to do assembly. Find out more details about how to proceed with using the DNA here.

Quality Control

Antibiotic resistance:

We tested the antibiotic resistance of each part sent out in the Kit of Parts by growing it in broth containing each of our 4 antibiotics. The test was done on a 384-deepwell plate filled with EZ Rich Defined Medium which contained cresol red indicator dye and the appropriate antibiotic. Each quadrant of the test plate contains one of the four antibiotics into which the part is inoculated (see layout below). After allowing the cultures to grow for 18 hrs at 37 C, images from each of the plates are collected. Since the broth contains cresol red indicator that changes color from red to yellow as the pH of the medium decreases, you can tell whether the part grew by noting which of the wells turned yellow (as the cells grow, the medium becomes more acidic).

384-deepwell test plate antibiotic quadrant layout:

1 2 3 4 ...
A Amp Cm Amp Cm
B Tet Kan Tet Kan
C Amp Cm Amp Cm
D Tet Kan Tet Kan

Results for each source plate:

Source Plate 1

Source Plate 2

Source Plate 3

Source Plate 4

Source Plate 5

Source Plate 6

Source Plate 7

Source Plate 8

Source Plate 9

Source Plate 10

Source Plate 11

Source Plate 12

Source Plate 13

Source Plate 14

Source Plate 15

Source Plate 16

Kit Plate Layout

Each 384-well kit plate is a composition of 4 96-well source plates. Below is a representation of which source plates went into which kit plate and in what order.

Kit Plate 1

1 2 ...
A Source Plate 1 Source Plate 2
B Source Plate 3 Source Plate 4

Kit Plate 2

1 2 ...
A Source Plate 5 Source Plate 6
B Source Plate 7 Source Plate 8

Kit Plate 3

1 2 ...
A 2006 Source Plate 1 2006 Source Plate 2
B 2006 Source Plate 3 2006 Source Plate 4

Kit Plate 4

1 2 ...
A Source Plate 5 (2007) Source Plate 6 (2007)
B Source Plate 7 (2007) Source Plate 8 (2007)