Designed by: Ben Reeve and Paul Masset   Group: iGEM10_Cambridge   (2010-09-15)

EPIC Firefly Luciferase and LRE
P. Pyralis
(E. coli optimised)

This part is a translational unit for a mutant of the luciferase from the North American firefly (P. pyralis) as well as this species' luciferin regenerating enzyme (LRE). It is under the control of an Arabinose induced promoter (pBAD). D-Luciferin has to be added to obtain light output.

EPIC stands for Enhanced Photon Initiating Complex. It is described in Fujii et al. 2007 as having a 10 times higher substrate affinity and luminescence output compared to wildtype.

The part is codon optimised for expression in E.coli.

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