Collections/Best Composite Part

This collection is under curation by iGEM HQ. New parts and information are currently being added to this page.

A composite part is a functional unit of DNA consisting of two or more basic parts assembled together. Generally, the Best Composite Part Award is given to a "device," a composite part that can function independently, without the need for further assembly. The iGEM community can improve upon these devices, use them as part of their designs, and/or use them as a foundation for new devices.

The following collection contains parts (and teams) that won, or were nominated, for the Best Composite Part award. Generally, these parts:

  • are novel and/or provide a useful function
  • are highly documented and characterized, with data and visualizations that show they work as expected
  • adhere to the iGEM competition's requirements and the Registry's requirements for submissions

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesTypeStatus
BBa_K1582000inJanus from Grifola frondosa252Dongqi Bao  Coding 
BBa_K1583102pRha + CsgA + Hydroxyapatite-affinity tag684Stefan Robert Marsden, Hector Sanguesa Ferrer 1Coding 
BBa_K1598008J23101 promoter + RBS + Human FDXR + RBS + Human FDX1 + RBS + Human CYP11A1 + rrnb double terminator3910Yash Mishra  Composite 
BBa_K1610105pTS + RBS + yebF + ACT3m + Term2743Leon Yim  CompositeNot in stock
BBa_K1639000Toehold-GFP987Mustafa Yılmaz  Composite 
BBa_K1650006Constitutive promoter expressing GFP and constitutive promoter expressing RFP1830Anna Knoerlein  Composite 
BBa_K1658000Cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase CAD11231Şeniz Yüksel, Burak Kızıl  CompositeNot in stock
BBa_K1689010 N-luc-dCas95630ZHANG Yihao  Composite 
BBa_K1692021PanK + hybrid promoter phaCAB5176Erica Lieberman 2Composite 
BBa_K1720005 Human phosphodiesterase 5A gene silencing device NO.3304Ying Guan , Yuanbin Cui   Device 
BBa_K1758377Biosensor device for detection of GHB and GBL1863Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec 2015  Composite 
BBa_K1806005T7+ ibPB RNA Thermometer + RFP976İBRAHİM YASİR ORHAN  Composite 
BBa_K182500635s CaMV + nptII1191Jonathan Asmund Arnesen  Composite 
BBa_K1890002Silicatein gene, fused to transmembrane domain of OmpA, with strong RBS1481Lycka Kamoen, Maria Vazquez -1Composite 
BBa_K1893016Arabinose inducible gp2 (pBAD+gp2)1568Henry Lloyd-Laney, Stefan Grossfurthner -1Composite 
BBa_K1921021PETase+linker.b+GCW511404Zhuozhi Chen -1Composite 
BBa_K1954001Lycopene cassette under the control of NarK, an oxidative stress inducible promoter3532Abbie Rogan -1Composite 
BBa_K1963008Device for rhamnose-dependent expression of an OsmY fusion to E. coli Hfq..1060Frank Sargent -1Composite 
BBa_K1974033T7 Promoter+RBS+Hv1a+GS linker+snowdrop-lectin+linker+6X His-Tag101YU-CHUN WU -1Composite 
BBa_K1991009Pcons-RBS-LO-AOX2-His2662Chen, Pei-En -1Composite 
BBa_K1993009CXCR4-T2A-Luciferase-IRES-eGFP3366Su Xiaojun -1Composite 
BBa_K1997011P+R->sHRP-N->FRB->RBS->FKBP->sHRP-C->Ter2019Xinyuan Qiu -1Composite 
BBa_K1998000Mg-Chelatase Plasmid10938Shauna Winchester -1Device 
BBa_K2082231RFP under the control of an optimized lacZ promoter combined with the protein SH2:cI4341596Pascal Schmidt -1Composite 
BBa_K2170002Secretory eukaryotic biotin binding receptor with single chain avidin 3813Max Mustermann -1Device