Collections/Best Basic Part

This collection is under curation by iGEM HQ. New parts and information are currently being added to this page.

High-quality basic parts are essential to the Registry. Basic parts are a functional unit of DNA that (usually) cannot be subdivided into smaller component parts. The iGEM community can use these basic parts to create new devices that will be assembled and work predictably.

The following collection contains parts (and teams) that won, or were nominated, for the Best Basic Part award. Generally, these parts:

  • are novel and/or provide a useful function
  • are highly documented and characterized, with data and visualizations that show they work as expected
  • adhere to the iGEM competition's requirements and the Registry's requirements for submissions

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesTypeStatus
BBa_K1582001sJanus from Trichoderma reesei228Dongqi Bao  Coding 
BBa_K1592014LIP prepro + E. coli ribosomal protein L2 (1-273aa) + YLcwp31350Shuyan Tang  Coding 
BBa_K1640018CHlM862Meghan Cook  Coding 
BBa_K1659003Artilysin Art-175 fused at N-terminal with porin-dependent YebF secretion signal protein1245Wei Chung Kong  Composite 
BBa_K1674000Secretion signal peptide originated from the B.subtilis extracellular protease AprE87Liron Abrahami  Protein_Domain 
BBa_K1682004PkdpF[-15, T>G]78iGEM15_HKUST-Rice 1Regulatory 
BBa_K1699001Human short TERT promoter378Emil Ruvinov  Regulatory 
BBa_K1758120RNase E regulating protein RraA486Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec 2015  Coding 
BBa_K1847010lldRO1-plac-lacO-lldRO2148Anna Fomitcheva, Lisa Baumgartner, Charlotte Ramon  Regulatory 
BBa_K1875012This part produces a guide RNA that pairs with an operator.352Jeffrey Marano -1Generator 
BBa_K1893013Small transcription activating RNA (STAR)104Akash Bhattacharjee -1RNA 
BBa_K1921000PETase789Zhuozhi Chen -1CodingNot in stock
BBa_K1965000MscS888Katja Leben -1Coding 
BBa_K1974001Omega-hexatoxin-hv1a123YU-CHUN WU -1Coding 
BBa_K1982000tCas9-CIBN (Prokaryotic LACE system)4731Zexu Li -1Device 
BBa_K1989008Triple spytag with SUP, His-tag, FlAsH-tag and signal peptide OmpA775Yiming Dong -1Coding 
BBa_K2033000N-dodecanoyl-L-homoserine lactone (C(12)-HSL) Sender- AubI714Brady Dennison -1Signalling 
BBa_K2065007CT52-LargeBiT735Tom van Sonsbeek -1Coding 
BBa_K2130000∆RuvCIII-2 ∆HNH Sp-dCas93534Ooi Kean Hean -1Coding